Fashion, a word that can turn a woman’s world, day and most importantly mood upside down.

Since Fashion is our passion, and women always want to share with each other their fashion moments, we thought why not share our thoughts with all of you.

Ellie and I have known each other for the past 5 years, but it feels like it’s been forever. The hottest topic of our conversations is mostly about what’s in, what’s out and what the new trends are. We can spend hours talking about Fashion, fighting about it and of course shopping together, a fun journey that you might want to join us on.

Ellie’s Fashion pet peeve is outdated sunglasses, if there’s one person in this world who’d know all about sunglass world it’s Ellie, first words that’d come out of her mouth would be the year of your sunglasses. I’m a big fan of shoes, my world revolves around shoes, I live, eat, and breathe shoes… ok I might not eat them.

Our goal is to share with you our everyday styles, from going to work to a fun party; we want to feel close to you. In this blog you can expect to see anything and everything that has to do with fashion, from hair, makeup, accessories to skin care and different styles.

The styles that we post in this blog are not necessarily merchandises from this year, we are literary using our own closets for this and we get our inspirations from celebrity styles. We believe no one has to spend a fortune to look stylish and glamorous, we can easily recreate styles that might cost thousands of dollars with very little spending. It’s absolutely possible to be a fashionista without the maxed out credit cards.

One of our other goals is to go on shopping sprees with you, if you like what you see and don’t know where to get it from, we’d be happy to join you on a day of fabulousness, if that interests you, please contact us for more details.

We hope that you enjoy this blog and its material as much as we do. Remember, it’s always better to be late to a party than not look put-together.


Your ultimate Fashionistas

Niusha & Elmira


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