Wild Chic

Hi Fashionistas!

Another day another style! Who likes to be unpredictable and crazy when it comes to style and outfits? I know for sure I do!

I don’t usually go for the latest trend, in fact I like to have my unique style where people wait to see what I’m wearing every time we are supposed to meet up or post something on social media! Personally I think you need to be comfortable in your skin and in what you wear, I’ve said this so many times before and I repeat again, just because something is trendy and “IN” it doesn’t mean it’s nice or comfortable! You style says a lot about your personality and what you stand for, and trust me, for the sake of blogging about style; I tend to try all kinds of styles just to see how it feels and even if it makes sense! Sometimes certain things look amazing on the model who’s walking the runway, but it’s not necessarily made for everyday life, specially that most of us if not all are living a crazy schedule on a daily basis.

Speaking of trying the trends, in these shots taken by Antonio Saba back in our latest collaboration, I styled my beautiful exotic model with the one of my all time favorite dress/Jackets from Zara! Under it, I put a sexy lace bra from La Senza, and a simple black short short from H&M (this was a touch not to make it toooo provocative as this look is already super sexy!) and the gorgeous ankle boots are also from Zara! Hellll yaah!

This is a look that I have already worn out to one of the Cocktail receptions of Harper’s Bazaar here in Dubai, I have posted a picture of it on our Instagram a few months ago, but I will post it again soon for you to see it live in action J

I’ll stop talking now and you can enjoy the shots! This is one of my personal favorites, especially with those legs on my model! She’s on fire!

With love from Dubcity!

Your Ellesha girls




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