Paint me red

Hello to our fashionistas, where ever you are 🙂

Every year this time, flower shops, chocolatiers, restaurants and bars make their budget for the month! You can look everywhere and the air is filled with the myth of loyalty and love, long stares into each other’s eyes and beautiful smiles, promises and celebrations… but the question remains, is any of it a 100% genuine?

Don’t want to be a downer on this beautiful pink and red day of ours called Valentines Day, but seriously, give it one second of thought, and you tell me, what’s worth more? Loyalty and honesty 365 days a year, or 1 night of extravagant candle light dinner and expensive gifts? What ever floats your boat, I wish you a Happy Valentines’ Day and lifetime of real and true love.


Back to what we are here to do, blogging about fashion and style, we did this next shot with our beautiful girl wearing a 2 piece pants and crop top from our very own Boutique 1861 in Montreal! I’m practically in love with this store. Every piece you get you can be guaranteed there is only one or maximum two of it.

I personally love black and white, but it has to be very special as it can easily look over done and ghetto. Especially if it’s a print!

As we move into the next season, we will see more of this black and white look, the trend seems not to ever want to leave us!


For her makeup, I decided to go with the fresh, old fashioned Hollywood look, the good old black thin eyeliner and red plumped lips. I did very little contouring on her face, just enough to highlight and contour her jaw line and cheeks, to give it more definition, what I love about this makeup look is the freshness of it, the focus on the lips. And obviously her long black hair had to flow beautifully with the natural curls.

I let you enjoy the look in more shots!


Enjoy your day

Your Ellesha girls

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