I woke up like this!

A warm Hello all the way from Dubai, the city of lights, life and sand!  To all of our fashion lovers who have been following Elleshastyle and hitting us up with the blessing of your interest! it has been a long time!

We are so happy to be back with our first blog after almost 1 whole year!

We did an amazing collaboration with the talented Antonio Saba, an Italian origin photographer based in Dubai. I personally had the pleasure of working with him last year on the project with M store of Dubai located in Park Hyatt Dubai on the Creek! it was so much fun working together that we decided to do another collaboration, only this time focused on Ellesha and what we do best, Styling!

Once again we dug inside our closets and picked out some outfits, all the goodies ladies like these days such as over the knee boots, pyjama looks, ripped denim, vegan leather etc… we thought we remind our followers of our main purpose and motto, when we started this Blog, all we wanted to do was to share what we wear and how we put it together on a daily basis, we had a love for fashion that turned into a commitment, one that is so strong we can’t stop!

We wanted to show all the girls who have a passion for fashion like we do, that you don’t need expensive brands to look good or stylish,  it can be so easy and so much fun saving and also looking good, so good that everyone always asks you where you got that dress, that belt or those jeans from?… it’s all about how you wear it, how you cary yourself and how comfortable you feel in what you wear and more importantly in your own skin! remember, always dress like you are going to bump into your worst enemy 😉

All jokes aside, we are going to share our first Shot of the shoot with Antonio.


This beautiful Alexandre McQueen Robe was a perfect match for the over the knee boots from Public desire! i fell in love with this look the moment I put the two together on my bed a night before the shoot! to be honest, Antonio didn’t like it much, since this was our first look, and it’s too much for the eye, he wasn’t sure how it would turn out on the picture, however once we started shooting! we couldn’t stop! It was just too perfect! or as someone somewhere would have said, it was “Terrific”


As I said before, wear what makes you feel good! life is too short for paying too much attention to what people WANT to see you wear! you should only wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable and sexy! this outfit was melody to my heart and I don’t regret it for one second! and thanks God for my beautiful model who could execute it with excellence. those legs!!!


I hope you enjoyed the first look of many to come… feel free to send us your comments (Positive or Negative! We are here to grow!) either here on the page or on our Instagram page, which I would like to thank everyone for the huge support we have been recieving on it! unimaginable!

With lots of love!

Your Ellesha girls

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