ElleShaStyle’s Collaboration with AMO Canada

In the past few months, during the holiday season, your ElleSha girls were busy putting together so many new things for you guys. Now displaying one of them is the beautiful and simple collaboration we had with AMO Canada.

AMO Canada is a Montreal based fashion company that’s been around for quite a while now. they have done such a good job selecting beautiful and elegant pieces for many years, they have brought boho chic back and all their pieces are designed and manufactured in Europe. ElleSha Style had the pleasure of styling their F14 collection photoshoot. AMO ElleSha

What we have show cased here is a few out of many different looks that we put together, for this shoot, given from their beautiful jewelry to their detailed and high end fall/winter sweaters. In the past we had shared some of these pieces on our Instagram page but never got a real chance to write a short and sweet blog about it.

The pieces talk for themselves. the colors and the textures are very rich and a la mode. these pieces are super elegant and amazing for a chic working girl. we will also share some of the details on our Instagram page @ElleShaStyle.

In these pictures you will see a lot of Lace, poly/span with foil, sweater knits and burnouts.

We hope that you enjoy these looks, and check out AMO Canada for their upcoming pieces.

follow them on Instagram @AMOCANADA


Your ElleSha Girls

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