Soft Lips

Hi Ladies ,

Winter is almost here and depending on which geographic area you live in, your skin may become very dry and so can your lips. Most of us fail to realize that our lips need to be taken care of as much as our skin on a daily or weekly basis.

And now, we would like to share one of beauty secrets with you and that is how to make your lips become soft & moist with a simple trick. This task is very fast & easy to do so you can get it done while watching TV or listening to music at home.

Basic ingredients needed: SUGAR & WATER

Add a teaspoon of sugar in a bowl, add two drops of water to make it paste like, then mix it with your finger to ensure all the sugar crystals are wet. Keep in mind the sugar must not be dissolved or the crystals loose their sharpness. It should just be soft enough so that the crystals will stick to your finger & stay. Once the “paste” is ready, simply apply it to your upper & lower lips with your finger & massage them slowly for five minutes. Then wash your lips & enjoy the result. To try them out you can turn to your better half and test wink wink 😉

Cheers & Enjoy

Your ElleSha Girls

Teenage girl (16-18) lips with sugar, close-up

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