Hi Ladies

We thought to share with you what we know about sunglasses trends. These are some of the trends for Fall/Winter 14/15:

1) Graphical: These are frames shaped as square, triangular, rounded and oval.

eye wear 2

2) Oversized: This season’s trends include oversized glasses which you can pair with stylish and neomodern items.

eye wear 3

3) Cat Eye: Cat eye shaped glasses are the best fit for the most diverse shaped faces & complexions, which makes them easy to pull off and look fabulous at the same time!

eye wear 4

4) Aviators: For Fall 14, aviator frames (non metal), in different  colors, with very light toned lenses are one of the main trends.

eye wear 5

5) Dark Tones: Graphical, oversized and cat eye frames with dark toned lenses are this season’s must haves! So fashionistas make sure to get your hands on one for the fall and winter this year.

eye wear 9

6) Ombre Effect: The shifting of lens color from dark to light on any of the mentioned style frames (1, 2 &3), are a great choice to enhance your stylish look.

eye wear 10

7) Semi transparent: They are back! Semi transparent lenses are back to give you that chic look. If you want to make a style statement, colorful frames with semi transparent lenses are a great way to go

eye wear 11


Cheers & Enjoy

Your ElleSha Girls

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