I think we’ve all had enough of Kim Kardashian all over the place in the tabloids and magazines, I mean, is there anywhere she hasn’t been? literary!  but hey, Have we really had enough? I don’t think so! She always manages to turn heads, as she once said, it’s a lot of pressure not being a singer or and actress and yet be so interesting.

Anyone who follows her knows that she’s the queen of fashion, specially when it comes to new trends and daring outfits, anything fresh and of course anything naked! but in these pictures, I’ve gathered together a bunch of Kim’s most covered outfits. Shocking!

Jokes aside, I just love the way she put together all her Fall/Spring outfits this past year, the coats and the comfort yet the charm and the freshness. The long coat trend has been in since last year, so strong it has everyone addicted, but have we done it right? Kim might have but we haven’t, which is why we will bring it back this year to execute as we should.

Can’t wait to walk around the streets of downtown Montreal and see how creative fashionistas are going to be this year, rocking long coats. Send us pictures of your Cities! We love to see how your Fashionistas are handling it.

3c6b6478475e0ee1_Kim-Kardashian-03-new copy copy

Which one is your favourite KIM KAY COAT moment?

We love it all 🙂


Your ElleSha Girls

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